Capital Roofing

Chicago Northside Home

This northside home had shingles that blew off during a recent windstorm, which was caused a huge dilemma, because they were preparing to sell their home. Concerned about having to pay for a new roof when they when they were budgeting for the move, they weren’t sure where to turn. Coincidentally, they had seen Capital […]

Chicago Northside Home

This is a Chicago bungalow located on the northside of the city that had extensive deterioration to the roof due to its organic material. If you’ve seen other roofs in the city and surrounding suburbs that look they are falling apart, its typically because they are organically based. Fortunately for this family, they chose Capital […]

New Gutter System – Carnivale – Downtown Chicago

This downtown restaurant was having ice and water issues on the exterior walkway leading inside, and they called Capital Roofing to install a gutter system that would not only eliminate their water troubles, but would have aesthetic appeal. They were extremely happy with the results!